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It is kitten season right now, so we are overrun with cuteness!!


We have been taking care of 4 litters of kittens, and they all need a good home!


 Currently up for adoption are Nemo and Nellie, both are black and white; Tiger Lilly, a Maine Coon mix; Conner, a gray and white kitten; and Rex, another Maine Coon mix!



Dirk is the ultimate lap kitty! He loves pets, giving kisses, and cuddling! He has really taken Tammy under his wing, and sometimes gives her kisses!


Tammy and Duchess

Tammy and Duchess are two beautiful Snowshoe Siamese cats!


They were brought in from a hoarding situation. Duchess has already found her forever home, but Tammy is till waiting for hers!


Stella is our beautiful black tabby, and my favorite to photograph! She loves to sit on her perch, people watch, and gets super excited about treats!!!



Needa is a super sweet cat who is the mother of two of our kittens; Nemo and Nellie. She loves getting attention, playing with her kittens, and climbing onto laps!



Lexi was an outside stray that was brought in. She had a bad infection and had to be nursed to health over a few weeks. Now she is happy hunting the birds outside the window and saying hi to everyone who walks in!



Phillip is the most playful cat ever! He is always chasing toys and running and jumping all over the kitty towers! If you are looking for some excitement in your life, look no further than Phillip!




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